Experiments in Industrial Organization
The Lab has a good number of people working in Industrial Organization. The experimental analysis of various subfields of Industrial Organization is still underdeveloped. Given this gap in the literature, the Lab is interested in developing and applying the tools of experimental analysis in these subfields. Two examples are the experimental investigation of overlapping ownership in imperfectly competitive markets and the analysis of technology transfer and diffusion in an experimental economy.

Experiments in Microeconomics
The experimental study of social preferences and, more generally, of the motives guiding the behavior of agents in various economic environments is an area of high priority for the Lab. Emphasis is given in the study of agent’s behavior towards the provision of public goods. All these areas of research are of interest to the Lab from two angles: first, from an experimental economics methodology viewpoint and second -and more importantly- from a “testing the theory” view point.

Experiments in Policy
Members of the Lab have extensive experience in developing laboratory and fields experiments to analyze, from a behavioral viewpoint, various policy issues related with tax compliance, decentralization, transportation, etc.