Welcome to the webpage of Crete Experimental Economics Lab (CEEL). The Lab was founded in 2022 by members and collaborators of the Economics Department at the University of Crete. The Lab deals with the design of lab experiments that test economic theories and principles. In particular, CEEL focuses on the designs of experiments in Industrial Organization, Decision Making and Games, Economic Policy, Microeconomics, etc. Its members form up an international group of researchers that conduct high quality experimental research and are affiliated with various universities and research centers in Greece, Spain, UK, France, Cyprus, Germany, etc.

CEEL conducts research in Experimental Economics independently and in collaboration with other Experimental Labs. Further among the Lab’s goal are  the organization of workshops and/or summer schools and the launching of a seminar series. A crucial factor for running experiments is the participation of students from the University of Crete and elsewhere. In an experiment, the participants are given the description of an economic environment within which they have to take various decisions. The decisions taken by all participants determine their monetary rewards. Namely, students are paid actual money for their participation in an experiment.

To know more about experiments and Experimental Economics you may visit the link Experiments.  Questions regarding participation in the Lab’s experiments are answered here. To express interest in joining our experiments please visit the link:

Participation in experiments